Barry Meyer

I have had the good experiences of shooting with Shane a couple times.

From the first meeting breaking the ice and getting a solid run down of idea's through to the shoots he has always shown complete professionalism and really made it extremely easy and a positive thing to do given the nature of the shoot work.

He has a friendly and warm personality that really puts you at ease and is a very passionate and sincere person that makes it so easy to open up about the shoot and what a person wants to accomplish.

We, by the end of our meet up, completely clicked and had the ball running for what I knew then already would be an amazing shoot.

Shane's strong sense of empathy really helped me challenge myself to go for gold with my own body journey and what I want to see as I grow as a person, something no other could ever really come close to understanding in me and what I strive for.

He helps and guides a person when they hit a blank but has always allowed one to go about there own idea's and make the whole experience of a nude shoot a comfortable process making you feel relaxed to go for it and enjoy what is created.

He is brilliant at getting those strong posed "power shots" that a person looks at with pride and reflects them in the best light, while also knowing when to grab the natural in between pictures that shows a person just being there natural ever day self and often with it capture those amazing moments.

His good character reflects he's passion for showing the artist side and beauty of the human nude giving a person this moment in their life they can hold onto for years to come.

I highly recommend him to anyone that wants to portray themselves in this style and know they would be in extremely good and gifted hands.

Paul McCabe

A short letter of gratitude towards the shoot I had with you. I must admit, although being very comfortable with my nudity, one always are a bit nervous not knowing what to expect with such a shoot and the risks involved with exposing yourself to someone you have never met? My first impressions were that of feeling safe, safe with the knowledge that as a gay person doing this shoot for my husbands birthday, I didn't have to worry about intentions from the photographer being something else I did not anticipate, and from the word go had the assuredly that this was a professional set up with a guy who is stable in his relationship with his partner and not out to victimize his clients.

The whole experience was incredibly comfortable, Shane never pushes you to do things you might not want to, and calmly and patiently awaits your direction of where you want the shoot to go. Having to do this for the very first time, I brought some props with to assist with the shoot, and not always knowing what to do with the bloody things, Shane would ask you to hold them in a specific way and then would let you know if it works or not, constantly taking shots and balancing light to make sure it's worth the effort.

I can without a doubt recommend him as a professional photographer with heart, loving what he is doing and producing beautiful images that portray the real you and not a post edited version of someone that only represents you.

Thank you once again for a memorable experience, one that I might later on explore even further!

George Williams

My experience with Shane was very pleasant, professional and provocative. Everything was done in such a manner so that you feel comfortable and not threatened in any way. The meeting options are available to you so that you can decide when and where you meet and make you the one in control. Shane makes time for a pre-shoot meeting so that you can become comfortable with him and yourself, so please don't be scared, he does not bite. Shane is a decent loving kind hearted person and will never make you do anything that you don't want to do. If you should say yes to this adventure, then you are in for a treat!!! However be warned, it is very fun and may take longer than you originally planned for!!! Feel free to contact me on the methods Shane would provide so that I can set your mind at ease once and for all...

Renier Cronje

Shane was the first photographer to approach me to be involved in a shoot and I am truly grateful for this. I was nervous at first but Shane did his utmost best to make things most comfortable for me. Shane was professional at all times and most of all related to me in a way which made me relax. I am overly impressed with his style of photography and unique editing. I will definitely shoot with Shane again and I entice anyone with fears to just meet with him and discuss them. Shane is a very accommodating and creative photographer.

Marius Botha

My recent photo shoot with Shane was a fantastic experience. As it was my first studio shoot I did not know what to expect. Shane suggested we meet up a couple of days before the shoot to discuss what we both had in mind for the shoot and also exchange ideas. From our very first meeting he immediately made me feel relaxed with his easy-going personality and we got on like a house on fire.

On the day of the shoot Shane showed a tremendous amount of professionalism and gave me the freedom to try new ideas. His passion for photography and composition brings out the best in his models. Although we discussed and planned the type of photographs we were after at our first meeting, Shane's flexibility and creativity on the day lead to some amazing 'unplanned' photographs.

In my view, Shane comes highly recommended to any model - professional or aspiring - looking for a professional photographer with a fun sense of humour and relaxed personality. Should the opportunity arise I will not think twice to do a second shoot with him.

Michael Cass

Working with Shane was an absolute pleasure. Being my first implied nude shoot, I wanted the shots to add the diversity to my portfolio but was a bit apprehensive not knowing what to expect. Shane's easy going and straight forward approach during our first few discussions set my mind at ease. He spoke candidly about the topic and made me feel comfortable about the whole idea. During the shoot I started feeling comfortable from quite early on and the gradual progression from outfit to outfit to the implied nude part of the shoot allowed me time to ease into it, all while constantly knowing I could pull out at any time if I didn't feel comfortable. By the end of it, I have a lot of great photos and a new friend. Thank you Shane, for an amazing shoot.

Riaan Grobbelaar

Shane Smith\'s professionalism and friendly personality sets the scene for both a shoot and results that is exciting as it is amazing in any situation. His attention for detail and eye for the male form gives a result of its own feel and a captivating essence which can only be achieved through utter trust with the photographer.

For my first implied shoot I was a bit worried but, Shane through his professional and friendly personality made me feel at ease even before the shoot started. Throughout the shoot I had the most amazing experience and had so much fun during the shoot that I completely lost track of time and was almost sad that the day had ended! But I think the results of being comfortable and working with such an amazing person and photographer really shows!

JP Koekemoer

Just want to thank you once again for an amazing shoot. I had so much fun. It was great working with you and would recommend you any day. I think it was a good idea to get to the studio an hour or so before we started shooting, just to break the ice seeing that we have never met before and also to discuss the shoot to make sure both of us are happy with what was planned. Seeing that I\'m a straight guy I thought it would be a bit awkward shooting with a gay photographer in the sense that there would be a lot of touching during the shoot and also the artistic nude shoot. When we started shooting all of that went out the window. I felt really relaxed and enjoyed how professional you kept the shoot. I would work with you any day again.

Ashraf Jansen

I would highly recommend Shane to anyone looking for a photographer - portfolio or otherwise. Shane was extremely professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. His passion for photography made it easy to work with him - he makes his models feel very relaxed and comfortable. I\'m amazed at how many great shots he got and I didn't even realize he was taking them! Shane has a style and an artistic ability of his own, but also made sure that I got exactly the kind of pictures I wanted out of the shoot as well. And when I received the pictures I was not disappointed. Thanks, Shane!