Every photographer will tell you that photography is their passion and it sounds cliche, but it's true - it's the driving force behind any good photo and it takes an incredible amount of time, patience and dedication to deliver a photo that pleases the eye of both photographer and client. And it's anything but constant.

I started off as a studio photographer in 2008, but found myself limited in terms of what I coud do with a simple background and some props, so it wasn't long before I ventured out to do wedding and location shoots, and I have never looked back!

When it comes to fine art the photographer is still very much bound to structured shoots, but wedding photography opens up a whole new world for something much more relaxed. That is if the photographer applies himself to a more photo-journalistic style of photography, where the subject matter is hardly aware of their presence and the photographer shoots "for the moment", capturing emotions and events that tell a story which has a beginning, middle and end and is filled with emotion, humor and tension. The photographer's power of observation guarantees a good photo and instead of capturing a perfectly posed image the photojournalist captures a moment in time that will be remembered forever.